The origin of the Reign of Fanes

The ancestress Moltina is raised up by a Gana, a creature of the mountains, and grows up with the marmots. She lives in harmony with nature and the mountain Crëp Alt /Croda Rossa, reflects her feelings and glows with an intense red color. Moltina and her husband, the Prince of the Landrins, live in the castle and then on the mountains. The Prince is declared king by the people of Fanes and he orders to paint a marmot on the walls of the castle on the Conturines. Since then the shields of the soldiers of Fanes are adorned with the emblem of the marmot.

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CAPTION Fanes towards Croda Rossa. Moltina and the Prince of the Landrins -Artwork by Rott.

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Legends linked to the Legend of the Reign of Fanes

The legend of the Reign of Fanes


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