Hidden treasures and enchantements

The most precious treasure in the land of the mountains was the Rajëta. To conquer a noble lady of Val Badia, a knight went on mountain Gardenaccia to look for the precious gem. At Lake Crespëina he met a gana, a female creature of the mountains, who told him that the gem was hidden in the wood of Lamarida under the Castle of Donna Dindia and was guarded by a dragon. The knight found the gem, killed the dragon but was killed himself by it. The misfortune was due to an enchanted mirror, that showed to the owner the secret thoughts of the people who looked in it. Donna Dindia was given the mirror by a sorcerer. The mirror caused her and her husband, the founders of the village Miljera -Cortina d’Ampezzo under Mount Faloria, tragedies to happen, so that Donna Dindia threw it into the Lech Vërt on the plateau of Fanes, the lake whose name derives from the color of the poison that spread from the mirror. A salvan, a male creature of the mountains, succeeded in pulling it out of the water and donated it to the noble lady, who imposed to her suitors to look in the mirror to test their honesty. The knight who overcame the test and was loved by her, asked her to destroy the mirror, but the lady got angered and asked the knight to bring her the Rajëta, causing thus his death.

There are some ancient tales about the night of St. John, when one may see the treasures of the mountains blooming. To get the treasures is challenging yet, as they are guarded by monstrous creatures or spirits who demand to overcome tough proofs of courage.

The Lech Vërt Lake on Fanes. Donna Dindia and the castle. Artwork by Rott

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