Witches, ogres and dragons

The witches met up on the mountains like Plan dales Stries (The Plain of the Witches) on the Sassongher. They caused storms, hail and each kind of bad weather. The Ogre (Orco) in form of a black stallion or of a flaming bird surprised the peasants who passed by night from Col Maladët and carried them away in the air from a mountain to another till dawn. Dragons inhabited some mountain lakes like Crespëina Lake  , Lake Pisciadú, Lake Boé and the Lech dl Dragon and flew over the mountain tops. Their frightful wheeze could be heard from far. The Dragon of the Sas dla Crusc was killed by the Gran Bracun. Often dragons were guardians of hidden treasures.

Sassongher from Puez. Witches and ogres -Artwork by Rott

Digital library – Les stries da Colfosch, La stria dala crëusc de Sacun,  L’orco da La Val, Col Maladët, L’ Orco  y Iocl dl Vedl da Corvara, L’Bao de Plaza dessura a Corvara, L’Orco y l’Todësch, Le Iat Fosch, I strions da FodomL cian che spudova fuech, I lec di dragons

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