The Gran Bracun

The events between legend and history tell about the knight Franz Wilhelm Prack von Asch, known as Gran Bracun, who lived in the Castle Ciastel de Brach in La Plí de Mareo in the XVI th Century and was also Captain of Andraz Castle. According to the legend, he succeeded in killing the fierce dragon hidden in a cavern on the Sas dla Crusc/Sasso Croce that terrorized the people of Val Badia. On the way to the Castle of Botestagn to meet up his fiancée Sidonia von Winkelhofen he could escape an ambush of his enemies who had sabotaged the bridge of Punt Alt by jumping on his horse over the gorge. He was murdered by the nobles Colz at the Punt da Bos in 1582.

The Sas dla Crusc near the Snow-cavern. The Gran Bracun -detail from a Bronze-relief by Rott.

Digital library: Le Bracun y le Dragun, L Bracòn, Le Bracun y chël da Coz

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The dragons in Ladin legends


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