The promised time

Once in a year Lujanta and the Queen of Fanes appear in a boat on the Braies Lake, where there should be a door under the Sas dla Porta/Croda del Becco mountain to get into the last shelter of the survived Fanes. Lujanta, the twin sister of Dolasila had lead the queen and the Fanes to a secure shelter to the Morin di Salvans in the underground reign of the marmots, after they had been definitely defeated in the battle of the Furcia dai Fers. Each effort by the Fanes to get back their reign was vane.

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Lujanta and the  Queen of Fanes  are waiting for the promised time to come announced by the sound of the silver trumpets, when the Reign of Fanes will rise again in peace and prosperity.

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CAPTION Frames of the film Le Rëgn de Fanes/The Reign of Fanes

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