The last battle

The desperate Dolasila rides on the Armentara meadows thinking about her beloved Ey de Net and is suddenly surrounded by odd children, who convince her to give them thirteen of their arrows. In fact, it is a plan by Spina de Mul, who tries to guarantee the victory to the enemies of the Fanes.


Dolasila notices that her cuirass has become black and understands the big danger she is going to face. Nevertheless, she goes fighting to save her people and dies, stroked by her own infallible arrows shot by the enemies during the last battle on Pralongiá. The Fanes beat a retreat and the queen asks the marmots for help. Thus, appears Lujanta, mistaken by the soldiers for Dolasila.

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CAPTION Frames of the film Le Rëgn de Fanes/The Reign of Fanes

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