The legend of the Reign of Fanes

The legend of the Reign of Fanes is the most important mythic tale in the tradition of the Ladin legends of the Dolomites. Read more

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Multimedia contents awarded internationally

Film Le Rëgn de FanesThe Reign of Fanes trailer

Trailer of the internationally awarded film by Susy Rottonara, Roland Verra and Hans Peter Karbon

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Il sogno di Dolasila (The dream of Dolasila)  iTunes     

Dreaming of Fanes   iTunes    

The first album sung in Ladin language that has participated at the Grammy Awards. Includes the film score of the film Le Rëgn de Fanes/The Reign of Fanes. Read more

Opera Fanes Poem Musical – The musical poem of the Dolomites

Original music, soprano: Susy Rottonara. Original lyrics: Roland Verra

Fanes Poem Musical for children – trailer

Performance on occasion of the declaration of the Dolomites World Natural Heritage UNESCO