Dolasila and Lujanta

At the beginning of the Reign there is alliance with the marmots, that the Queen of Fanes keeps as a secret as she marries a foreign king, who himself makes an alliance with the flaming eagle. When the queen begets two twin sisters, Dolasila and Lujanta, she gives Lujanta to the marmots as token of their alliance, getting in exchange a little marmot.


Also the King of Fanes has to exchange one of his heirs with his ally, the flaming eagle, who however chooses the little marmot secretly put by the queen at the place of Lujanta.


CAPTION Fanes towards Piz Parom and La Varela. The Reign of Fanes -Artwork by Rott. Frame of the film Le Rëgn de Fanes/The Reign of Fanes


The Legend of the Reign of Fanes


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