The Gana of Val de Misdé

Once upon a time, a beautiful young gana, a nymph of the mountains, lived in Val Mezdí – Val de Misdé. In summer, she loved to rest under the rocks of Pisciadú and during the cold season she went down to Colfosco and spent the winter at the farmstead in Pecëi. The farmer fell in love with her and asked her to marry him. She accepted the proposal, provided he would never touch her with the back of the hand. They married and lived happy with their children till one day, while the gana was taking a bath to a child, the farmer touched her accidentally with the back of the hand to shoo away an annoying fly. The gana turned pale, looked at her husband and at her children for the last time with tears in her eyes and ran away towards the mountains. Since that time, nobody saw the gana again

View of Val de Misdé from Sassongher. The Gana of Val de Misdé. Artwork by Rott.

Digital library: Les Ganes y i Salvans, L salvan de Frara, A mi bel Colfosch

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