The Silver Lake

The King of Fanes decides to go with Dolasila and some soldiers to look for the treasure of the Lech d’arjënt- The Silver Lake . The soldiers find a small box containing an ermine fur and silver dust and give it Dolasila. Suddenly the princess hears strange voices of three dwarfs begging to return them the box. Dolasila takes pity on them and satisfies their request, so that they reward her telling her how to make the treasure bloom.

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The dwarfs tell Dolasila she shall throw the dust into the lake. She shall let manufacture a cuirass with the ermine fur as she will become a glorious warrior-princess. She shall never go fighting if the fur should change its white color like the snow on the Marmolada. The treasure of the Silver Lake provides Dolasila with infallible arrows.

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CAPTION Frames of the film Le Rëgn de Fanes/The Reign of Fanes

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